Amethyst Cartoons

The following are pieces of artwork or drawings, which aren't regular comics or stories, but are more just drawings for particular events or people, which I have decided to post here.

The first batch of cartoons are a set of Christmas cards I designed one year, and managed to get printed into proper Christmas cards for people I knew.
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-Skool Dayz

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The next pic is one I did for a friend's birthday. I'd been dealer for a game of poker between a few friends, and Jamie (The one on the far right) was constantly losing, which gave me a nice idea for a picture. We thought we should have 2 designs, one of his losing miserably, and one winning, but on the day, the more 'dramatic' scene seemed to work, and is actually my current desktop wallpaper (Though it's been recoloured in order to look like a sepia picture (The old black and white ones with a hint of brownish-red)