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'Hiccups' was my first comic, and is the longest running out of the lot. Started on 1st January 2004, it has been updated daily, with special 6-panel Sunday editions. It started off as a sort of 'comic diary' for the year. But as it went on, real life became too much of a restraint, and started to hold it back. So in the end, it simply became a comic where a group of teenagers are constantly thrown into the harsh and wierd perils of everyday life.

The idea came about as my mind was drifting during some homework. I'd been looking for a few good ideas for comics, yet couldn't find many which appealed or seemed to work. Then, I got caught onto the idea of a diary. The 2 then came together, as I started thinking up the idea of not just doing a diary, but to make a cartoon diary (Which is why the comic starts on January 1st. I actually started it on the 17th.) It then worked from there, and I decided to make it into a comic.

The name came about in January 2007. I never had a proper name for the comic. I sometimes called it 'Skool Dayz', but the name didn't click. Then, whilst working (or 'desperately trying to get something to work' to be exact) on this site, I decided that I had to come up with a name. It took a while, as I was looking for an ambiguous name. I had the idea of the name 'Crumbs', but found that it was already the name of a programme. I continued with the theme of 'mistakes'. It seemed the only way to describe the comic. It wasn't about life, it wasn't about school, it was just a group of people constantly getting into trouble. So I hit the thesaurus pretty hard, but none of the words fit. After a bit more brainstorming, 'Hiccups' came to mind, which seemed to capture the calamity, but also idiocy of the comic.

It's too long to show a few examples, thus it will be updated every month, where a weeks worth from that month will be provided. Just click the year you wish to view.

Right now, I'm trying to get all the work loaded up. But until then, here is the entire first month!



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