Amethyst Cartoons

I tend to communicate over a set of Forums, and have bombarded their threads (Pages) with several different cartoons, depending on the topics or situations given. Because I've posted several pics, I decided to regularly post some of the main ones and some of my favourites here, in one single page.

If you want to see the forum itself, it is:


-Forum Toons

-Chav Culture
This is one of my favourites. The topic was 'The most fun uou can have with a Cardboard Box'
-Man & Woman
-Politician's Handbook
-Home Improvements

-Skool Dayz

-Other pics
  The topic here was 'Big, Badass Gunslinger'. Another one of my favourites.
Life Underwater! The 3rd of my top favourites!
Man's first encounter with aliens
History failed to repeat itself as Tommy "David" McCoy, armed only with his trusty sling, was cornered by Hugo "Goliath" Crusher in the Marshmallow factory
Computer Fashion
Aztec Stairlift.
"Jimmy soon realised that having an udder did not confer a natural advantage"
Space Traffic
Space Windshield
The return of Quetzalcoatl
'What does this button do?' That was the theme which inspired this cartoon.
The next 3 were for the topic 'The Aged Superhero'. So, in an odd fashion, had batman unable to open tins of beans. Spiderman losing at Bingo, and Superman having...*ahem*... 'marital' problems.
Batman goes to Hawaii
A 'Bird-like Alien'
The 2 topics were: 'A Chameleoline Vehicle' and 'Undead Birthday'. My apologies in advance for the awful pun.
The theme for this one was 'nightmare'. It was either this or having the spirit eating all the leftover meatloaf in the fridge. Either way, it's not a pretty sight...
'An Ancient Doomsday Device'. This is about as ancient as I could get. Quite understandably, I was in a silly mood at the time...
My Theory as to the end of the world
Trouble at the MOT after Jim tries out the lights on his new rocket-car
You would be wise not to mess with the Penguin Mafia!
The End...