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'Follow Me' is my first proper shot at writing. I've written several smaller stories for exams and classwork, but decided to try my hand at book writing, and churned out this.

The story follows Edward. A down-and-out fast food salesman with particularly laughable prospects, who discovers Christianity. Instead of follwoing the normal path of charity work and maybe even a bit of praying, decides to go the whole way and re-enact all of Jesus' life, as a sort of pilgrimage or mark of respect. Unfortunately though, times have changed, and this isn't made easier by his new set of disciples, made up of pirates, bouncers, businessmen and rappers. So he ends up attempting to blunder his way through miracles and teachings, with only a pocket Bible and a credit card to help him.

The idea for the book came about during some revision for my GSCE's in RE. When I was about 12, one of the homework assignments was to pretend you were walking Jesus' journey, and explain what you saw and did. Me being me, I took the humour approach to it, to try and create a story with a funny edge to it. One part in particular, I had myself calling out to some fishermen for them to follow me, to which they lobbed a fish at me.

Then, several years later during my GCSE's, we had to summarise chapters, so that we understood them easily, and whilst this happened, the image of the lobbed fish came back into my mind. As I thought about that, I started to put a humerous twist on each section I read, and in the end started getting enough ideas, which would hopefully make quite an entertaining book. So, over the next few summer holidays, I sat down and typed away my first draft, which is what is displayed here!

Though the story runs in line with the story of Jesus, I've attempted to make the book have enough humour, without any prior knowledge of the Bible, in order to make it enjoyable for everyone. (And most importantly, try and make it so it's unoffensive!)

-Follow Me

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4