Amethyst Cartoons

'Chav Culture' was the second out of my comics, and the first weekly one to begin. Once I realised that 'Hiccups' wouldn't work in newspapers (I was too far ahead. For it to work in the papers, it would have had to be printed at Thursday 1st January, on a leap year, which would have been stupidly difficult to do.) Thus, I started work on a set of weekly comics to try and get the cartoons started, and release 'Crumbs' at a later date in book form. The first was this and 'Man & Woman'. Chav Culture takes a surreal look at modern culture, and takes most well known events or films, and just 'chavs them up' a bit, for particularly odd results. It was a shot at contemporary cartoons, and though some might have been humerous, I really feel this was a weak comic.

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