Amethyst Cartoons

'Acorn' was a sub-comic thought up years before 'Crumbs' came into existence. However, the lack of good jokes and weak characters meant that ink never made it to paper. However, after getting 'Crumbs' underway, Acorn was looked at a second time, and approached from a new angle. The characters were made more dynamic, with many being cut altogether. The story was simplified, as many of the characters now took several 'roles'.

The story follows a psychotic squirrel called Basil, who lives on the first floor of a redwood tree. In a den below him is his mate, Hubert the hedgehog. Next door is Timothy the badger, the stereotypical 'grumpy neighbour'. Basil also has a flat-mate, Monty the owl, who is a science freak and night watchman.

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